How to display Dynamic Axis Title in Tableau

In this article we will learn what is dynamic axis title and how to display dynamic axis title in Tableau charts.

What is Dynamic Axis Title ?

Dynamic Axis title is a new feature in Tableau 2023. It is used to update/display the chart axis title based on the parameter selection or a single-value field.

For a field to be used as Dynamic Axis Title, it should be:

  • A single-valued and a fixed LOD Calculation
  • A parameter
  • A constant calculated field
  • A top 1 set

How to implement Dynamic Axis Title

To explain how to display dynamic axis title, I will reference the blog How to dynamically generate a chart based on measure selection.

The visualization created to dynamically generate the chart based on measure selection is displayed below:

The values displayed on the chart change based on the parameter selection.

Notice that the Y-axis title is currently shown as “Calc_Measure_Name”, representing the name of the calculation using the parameter. It should instead display the selected parameter value, which in this case is “Quantity”.

To implement a dynamic axis title, right-click on the Y-axis (Calc_Measure_Name) and choose Edit Axis.

Selecting Edit Axis

In the “Edit Axis” dialog box, scroll down and, under Axis Titles, select the Parameter name from the dropdown menu.

Now, the title on the Y-axis will display the value selected in the parameter.

Chart with dymaic axis title

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