How to Create Maps in Tableau

One of the strong features of Tableau is to create interactive Maps. Tableau automatically creates maps for the fields with geographical roles such as  Country, City, Zipcodes etc. Tableau automatically generates Longitudes and latitudes for such fields.

In this blog, i will create a Map using OHIO counties and Zipcodes. I have created a sample data set using Ohio County and Zipcodes.

My data set contains County, Zipcode and Sales for each zipcode. Structure of the data is as below


Creating Maps in Tableau

1. Launch Tableau desktop and connect to the excel data source

2.Your data section will appear like the screen shot below


3. Drag county from data section to the charts section


4. Your Marks section may show automatic. Change it to Filled Maps

5. Drag sales to the Label card and to the color card

6. Drag County to the label card

Your chart will appear like the one below


There are other techniques to the chart such as overlaying one chart over other. I will discuss this technique in the next blog.

To learn how to create different charts in Tableau, visit How to create charts in Tableau

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