How to display county outline over zipcode map

In my last article drill down maps, i worked on how to drill down from County to specific Zipcode map.

In this article i will discuss how to create county outline/boundary over zipcode map in Tableau.

Sometimes Zipcodes overlap between the counties and in such scenarios it is important to see the county outlines.

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  1. For this example, i will work on the same twb which i created in my earlier blog, How to create drill down map.

2. When creating zipcode map, control click and drag “latitude” on the Rows shelf. This will create a copy of the column Latitude. Refer to image below. You will get two charts on 2 axis.


3. Click on the pill of second column(small drop down arrow on the right) for Latitude and select Dual Axis


This will create both charts on the same axis and will overlay on top or each other.

On the Marks card on the left, you will see two measures for latitude.


4. On the Marks card, click on the Latitude(generated)(2) and replace Zipcode with County.


5. You can adjust colors on Maps and you will get an county outline over the zipcode map. Zipcodes within the county is highlighted in Green color and zipcodes outside the county are in lighter green.


Dual axis option is also very useful in creating combo charts in Tableau.

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