What is Tableau

Tableau is a visualization application that help organizations in understanding their data.

Tableau connects to a variety of data sources and help users in creating visualization in terms of graphs, tables and Maps. These interactive visualizations help in data discovery.

Learn important keywords and concepts in Tableau.

Tableau in helping more than 40,000 organizations with their data visualizations.

Tableau user interface is intuitive and easy to use. It gives power in the hands of the business user and enhances their data exploration capability.


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Tableau Components

Tableau has the following components

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is used for designing visualizations/dashboards. It can connect to any data source. Tableau desktop is a licensed product. You can download a 2 week trial version

Tableau Desktop will be used by dashboard developer or business power user who understands data and Tableau’s technicality. You can develop full functional, interactive dashboards by the use of dimensions, Measures, Calculated Field, Parameters, dashboard actions and stories.

Use this link to download trial version of Tableau

Tableau Reader

Tableau Reader is a free application. It does not require any license. It can be downloaded from Tableau.com. It is used for viewing applications developed in Tableau desktop.

User can open and interact with Tableau dashboard extract (twbx) using Tableau reader

Use this link to download Tableau Reader

Tableau Server

Application developed using Tableau desktop can be deployed on Tableau Server. Server will act as a central repository for the dashboards. Users can view dashboards based on their access permissions

Tableau server provides access to unlimited users.

Use this link to download trial version of Tableau Server

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free service that allow users to publish their dashboards on the Tableau public server. All the content is owned by tableau and nothing is saved locally.

Use this link to download Tableau public

Tableau Online

Tableau online is Tableau server on the cloud. Organizations can publish their dashboards on the cloud. Only authorized users will be able to interact with the data and dashboards.

Use this link to Try it Free

Tableau is an awesome tool. No wonder Gartner places Tableau as a leader in the Magic Quadrant.

I encourage you to continue your journey in Tableau by learning important keywords and concepts in Tableau.

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7 thoughts on “What is Tableau

  • Peter Hoffner says:

    I bought the Kindle edition of Tableau 10 for beginners but there is no license for Tableau desktop. How can I get access to it?


      Tableau desktop trial version can be downloaded from Tableau.com. It is free for two weeks.
      You can also download ‘Tableau Public’ which is available for unlimited use. Tableau Public has slightly less functionality as compared to Tableau desktop.

  • I have bought the book for Tableau 10 and company has bought Tableau license. The repository folder only have “Sample-Superstore.xls” but not the rest of files as mention in the book, “Shipper_Info_10.xls” , “Emp-Dept_10.mdb” and “SalesReport_10.xls”
    Please let me know where could I download them.

    • Chandraish Sinha says:

      Please visit Book Resource Tab on this website.
      Let me know if you this resolves your problem.

  • I bought this book but will be returning it. There is no place on this site to download the Emp_Dept.mdb or SaleReport.xlsx. Waste of my time and money.

    • Chandraish says:

      To download the sample code and the files, you have to signup. Once your user name is approved, you should be able to download the sample files.
      Sometimes there may be delay of few hours in user name approval, that is due to the time difference between the locations. I am in Eastern Time Zone.

      Your username was approved couple of hours earlier, please let me know if you face any problems in downloading the files.

      Apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Shumbankar says:

    Love your work.. Keep it up.

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