What Halloween Candies to buy – Word Cloud in Tableau

Word cloud is used to visually represent Text data.

Word Cloud in Tableau consists of text in a dimension, the size of each word represents the frequency or importance.

Word Cloud is a good way to show which text are more popular.

In this blog, I will use Word Cloud in Tableau to show which Candies are more popular in Halloween.

I will use the Top 25 Candies by Quantity Sold (in pounds).

The data source used has the following format,

Creating Word Cloud in Tableau

  1. Connect and load the data in Tableau desktop. Data set has one Dimension – Candy Name and One Measure – Quantity Sold.
  2. Place Candy Name on Text under Marks.
  3. Place Quantity Sold on Size under Marks.
  4. From the Marks, change the display to Text.
  5. Place Candy Name on Color to show the Word Cloud in different colors.
  6. Your Marks card should appear like

This will give you the Word Cloud of Candy Names where size of the text represents the amount of quantity sold.

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  • Thanks Chandraish for this. It was pretty interesting.

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