Tableau Unlimited – Basics to Advanced Book


Take your Tableau knowledge to next level with Tableau Unlimited – Basics to Advanced.

With version 2018.x Tableau has added some useful features.

This book covers Tableau concepts from basics to advanced.

50 + exercises using 10 datasets are provided for readers to practice and become proficient in Tableau.

Sample Solution Workbooks and datasets are provided. Download instructions inside.

Who needs this book?

This book provides all the Tableau concepts according to Tableau version 2018.3.

But it can very well be used with Tableau version 10.x. except for the few functionalities that are added in Tableau version 2018.2 and 2018.3.

This book is good for anyone who is new to Information Technology or Data Analytics. You don’t need a strong background in databases or SQL. To use this book, all you need is a basic understanding of computer systems and MS-Excel. An enthusiasm to learn something new is a must.

The book contains step-by-step exercises in each topic, which makes it easy to understand and follow.

New in this book:

  1. 50+ step-by-step exercises.
  2. New changes in Tableau 2018.2, 2018.3.
  3. Formatting data for Tableau.
    1. How to structure your data before loading it in Tableau.
  4. Date Calculations.
  5. Advanced Table Calculations.
    1. Learn how Table calculations work. What are Addressing and Partitioning fields.
    2. How different functions such as First(), Last(), Index(),Total() etc. work.
  6. LOD and nested LOD Calculations.
  7. Advanced visualizations. These visualizations are not present in Tableau’s Show Me.
    1. Pareto Chart
    2. Waterfall Chart
    3. Market Basket Analysis
    4. Moving Average
    5. Bump Chart
    6. Bullet Chart
    7. Sparkline
    8. Step and Line Chart
    9. Word Cloud
    10. Viz in Tooltip
    11. Clustering
    12. Density Map
    13. Motion Chart
    14. Funnel Chart
  8. Using Shapes and custom Shapes.
    1. Learn how to use Custom shapes in your visualization.
  9. Advanced maps.
    1. Custom Geocoding
    2. Plotting points on background images
    3. Using Mapbox
    4. Using WMS Server
    5. Creating Custom Polygons
    6. Connecting to Spatial data
  10. Dashboards and Story.
    1. Dashboarding and Story concepts.
    2. New Actions as introduced in Tableau 2018.3 such as Set Action and Go to Sheet.

The book is available on Amazon – Tableau Unlimited – Basics to Advanced.

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