Tableau Overview

If you are here that means you are an ardent follower of Business Intelligence.

Tools like Tableau have changed the way users consume BI data.

I came across Tableau few year back and was excited by its visualization and ease in data analysis.

Tableau 8.0 is taking a big step in dash boarding and predictive analysis.

What is Tableau?

Traditional Business Intelligence tools does not provide power to the users. User still need to depend on the imagination and skills of a developer to help them analyze the data. With volume of data increasing exponentially it is very important to give users the power of analysis and also the ease to consume data which lies in disparate sources.

Tableau empowers users to get answers, which otherwise be trapped in the layers of data. Tableau liberates the data and places it in the hands of the users.

  • Tableau connects to any form of data including excel files, databases and cloud data sources
  • With powerful analyzing capabilities, Tableau lets you analyze the data and present in visualizations that makes data easier to understand
  • Enhances mobile experience
  • Users can share their analyzed results and visualizations across the organization.

No wonder due to these capabilities Gartner positions Tableau as a Leader in 2013 Magic Quadrant.

Taleau Server Architecture



Want to learn more about Tableau, visit What is Tableau

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