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Tableau is a great visualization application. Tableau dashboards are one of the many ways to visualize data.  Tableau helps in extracting data from variety of data sources and present it in the form of Tables, Charts and Maps.
Tableau helps in answering business questions effectively.

Tableau knowledge is important for both business users and developers. Tableau presents excellent career opportunities. As volume of data is increasing, so does the need to interpret data.

Tableau Dashboards – helps in understanding Tableau concepts.

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Tableau Dashboards – Who needs this book

This book is for those who wish to explore the world of Tableau and wants to become an expert.

  • This book is for business teams who are new to the world of Tableau.
  • This book is for technical developers who want to brush up their skills.
  • This book is for those who want to speak Tableau language.

By reading this book, in a very short span you will become Tableau savvy.

Tableau Dashboards – What this book contains

– The book provides step by step instructions for developing visualizations in Tableau.

– The book comes with 3 datasources and 20+ solution workbooks. These datasources and workbooks can be downloaded by signing up on this site.

– The book covers the  A-Z of Tableau concepts in 12 chapters.

– It starts with data connection, followed by data preparation, creating visualization sheets, Dashboards and stories.

– It also covers row level security by using user filter and server deployment.

For limited time,

after the purchase of the book, if you have any doubts on the concepts or exercises in the book, post your questions here and I will answer them.

2 thoughts on “Tableau Dashboards

  • Hi there, I just bought your book and want to download the sample workbook but I cannot find any link to download the sample workbooks. Please kindly advise.

    • Chandraish says:

      You need to signup on the site using your Amazon orderid.
      Please scroll all the way down and click on signup.
      Once your userid is approved, you can signin to download the data source and workbooks.

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