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As part of  Tableau Questions and Answers series, I am asking questions related to Tableau and data warehousing concepts. I will encourage my students and other readers to explore the answers and reply with comments.


I am looking for a BI solution for my fictitious company AWC Inc.

My objective is to know the status for my various KPI’s.

I have data in excel format.

I have heard about various Business Intelligence technologies like Tableau, QlikView, IBM Cognos and others.

Can you please tell me which dashboarding application will be best for my organization and why.

2 thoughts on “Why Tableau

  • I would suggest Tableau
    1. Tableau is interactive and more user friendly when compared to QlikView or Cognos. For Qlikview and Cognos one should have developer level experience. Tableau is faster to implement. Even business users can develop their own dashboards.
    2. Tableau takes fewer clicks to create visualization whereas QlikView has to go through many clicks because of the product architecture.
    3. When creating dashboards Tableau is easy, faster and interactive.
    4. Tableau is very compatible and can connect to any data source, can create many different kinds of charts.
    5. Tableau offers different tools
    Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Server, Tableau Reader, Tableau Public
    Tableau desktop and Tableau public are used to create visualizations.
    6. Based on the data elements selected, Tableau “Show Me” feature suggests the best visualization.
    7. Tableau recognizes the data and can separate the data automatically into dimensions and measures.

  • Sujal parikh says:

    I would recommend Tableau –
    Tableau uses powerful visualizations, which helps in understanding data.
    Tableau dashboards are interactive and displays the whole pictures of the data. All the data is always present, data analysis across the different time periods and dimensions is very fast.
    Development is faster than other applications.
    It provides easy to use functionalities to create data hierarchy, calculated fields, sets, bins, filters and parameters.
    Development is not IT centric. It gives powers to business users and users can design their own dashboards.
    Creating worksheets, dashboard and stories is very easy.
    Tableau can handle huge amounts of data and data can be live or extracted.
    Publishing to server and applying security is very easy.
    For quick review, workbooks can be emailed as packages with data to the users.

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