Stack chart with multiple Measures and Totals

In this blog, I want to discuss how to create a Stacked bar chart with multiple measures and display totals at the end of the stack. 

In my earlier blog, I showed how to display total on a stacked bar chart in Tableau that stacked bar was created using only one measure and a dimension. The totals on that chart was displayed using the reference line.

Creating a Stack chart with one dimension and one measure is straight forward but when you use multiple measures, it gets tricky. When we compare two measures, Tableau creates a Scatter chart. If you add a dimension to it, you will get split axis. Even if you select dual axis, you will face issues.

In Tableau public or Tableau desktop, if you navigate to Show Me and hover over Stack Chart , it shows that to create a Stack chart, you need one more dimensions and one or more measures. To create one with multiple measures, we will use Measure Names and Order Date as Dimensions and Measure Values as measures.

For steps-by-step instructions visit how to create a Stack Bar Chart with multiple Measures and Totals.

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