New feature in Tableau 2018.3 – Button Object

With version 2018.3, Tableau has added some awesome features.

One of such feature is addition of a Button object in dashboards. The Button object is used for navigation or linking between Dashboards,Sheets and Story.

Earlier such navigation or linking between the sheets was done using Actions.

Using Button Object for navigation

Button object is located under the Objects pane in Dashboard.

To use Button, place Button object on the canvas. Place it on any desired position by making it Floating.

From the side-menu select Edit Button.

In the subsequent box, specify names of your Dashboard, Sheet or Story you want to navigate to.

Image can also be uploaded for this button. Provide Tooltip to give more information to the user about the usage of the button.

Using multiple buttons you can create a nice navigation dashboard.

Navigation works by using Alt + Click on the Button.

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