How to Integrate Tableau with Map Box Services

We can create maps in Tableau to analyze the data based on geographical locations. The map based analysis provide more enhanced and realistic picture of the data. We can create any level of maps in Tableau. To create a map, you need longitude and latitude of the geographical location. I will go on to show you how to integrate Tableau with Map Box Services.

For more info: How to Create Maps in Tableau

Generally Tableau provide good mapping options but you can still enhance with the help of Mapbox.

Mapbox is a provider of Custom Maps. You can use these maps in websites, Mobile applications and tools such as Tableau. User can Sign Up with and create their own Custom maps. Created Custom maps can be used, using API access token. 


If we have data with store addresses and information provided at the zip code level, we can replace Tableau maps with Mapbox maps and provide the street level information and help user to navigate to the street level.

How to use Tableau with Map Box Services:

(Also refer to video at the bottom of this blog)

Step 1: Launch Tableau Desktop and connect to ‘Sample Superstore Data’. Learn how to connect to excel data source.

Step 2: Drag the Orders Table to ‘Drag Sheets here’ placeholder and Go to Sheet 1.

Step 3: Create a map by double clicking on the State Field and Sales Field. Learn how to Create Maps in Tableau

Step 4: To integrate the Tableau sheets with Map box maps.

Go to Map on Menu Bar, select the Background Maps and go to Map Services 

Step 5: Click on the Map Services, a new box will Pop up to Add the Map Box Maps.

Step 6: Click on the Map Box Maps to add customized maps

So, to select the map style and API Access token to use,

We need to Sign Up to

After opening the account, to use existing styles or create new style, go through the yellow color highlighted part of the below image.

To add the styles to the Tableau, use API Access Token of the account.

Step 7: Add the Style and API Access token of your account to add the map box maps.

Step 8: In the below image, we can see the Map Services used for the mapping and close the Map Services.

Step 9: See below, street level Map service created using Map Box

In this way you can add street level maps using Mapbox Services.

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