Chandraish Sinha is passionate about data and analytics.

He is an accomplished author, having published multiple computer-related technical books.

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With over 20 years of experience, he has worked with various BI and reporting applications, such as, Actuate, Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Tableau and QlikView. His exepertise spans across different domains such as Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Telecom, Financial and Retail.

His fascination with data is evident. He firmly believes that your prowess is only as strong as your data. Data possesses has the potential to drive you towards success.

Chandraish Sinha is also the founder of Ohio Computer Academy

Feel free to contact him at chandraish@gmail.com or connect with him on https://www.linkedin.com/in/chandraishsinha

Books authored by Chandraish Sinha

  1. Excel Basics to Advanced
  2. Dashboarding with Tableau
  3. Mastering Power BI
  4. Tableau Unlimited: Basics to Advanced
  5. Implementing Tableau Server: A Guide to implementing Tableau Server
  6. Tableau 10 for Beginners
  7. Tableau Dashboards
  8. Tableau Questions & Answers
  9. QlikView Essentials
  10. QlikView Questions and Answers
  11. How to be a Successful IT Professional in the USA


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