Why Tableau

  • Tableau provide wide range of visualizations – tables, charts and maps to help in executive decision making.
  • Tableau creates interactive dashboards that replace tons of static reports.
  • Tableau can connect to any data source. Development is Tableau is faster and business centric.

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Tableau as a career choice

Since the volume of data is increasing each day, businesses are investing heavily on applications that help in understanding data.

Tableau has around 35,000 customers. New customers are getting adapting to Tableau every day.

Considering the popularity, Tableau makes an excellent career option.

 Tableau Training

Our state of art training will help you in becoming a Tableau practitioner.

Training content

Session Description
Overview What is Business Intelligence

Overview of SQL – Structured Query Language

Overview of Star Schema

Overview of Snow flake schema



Introduction to Tableau  How Tableau Works

Overview of Tableau

My Tableau Repository

Types of files in Tableau

Connecting to Data Data connection in Tableau

Overview of Tableau desktop

Analytics pane

Visualization basics

How dates work in Tableau

Using visualizations to answer business questions

Data Transformation Data transformation basics

Loading crosstab table

Joins in Tableau

Writing custom SQL

Adding another Data source

Calculations in Tableau Aggregating Data

Granularity of Data

Calculated fields

Types of Calculations

o   Table calculation

o   Quick Table calculation

o   LOD


More Calculations Logical Calculation

String Calculation

Using Floor and Ceiling functions

Date Calculations

Filters and Parameters Filter Basics

Context Filters


Sorting Manual Sorting

Computed Sorting

Nested Sorting

Groups and Sets Sets

Combine Fields

Formatting How colors work in Tableau

Creating Custom Color Palettes


Creating Maps How maps are created in Tableau

Map Layers

Editing Unknown locations

Building Custom Territories

Creating Visualizations Text Table

Heat Maps

Maps with calculated colors

Pie Chart

Donut Chart

Bar and Combination chart

Combo Chart

Stack bar chart


Line chart

Area Chart

Scatter Plot

Box and whiskers Plots

Bullet Chart



Dashboards and Visual Story Dashboard Designing Options



Server Deployment Create users on Tableau Server

Create Groups

Create Projects

Publishing data sources on the Server

Publishing data sources on the server

Publishing visualizations on the server

Securing Project on the Server



40 hours


–         Basic knowledge of SQL

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