Branding of Tableau Server

Branding involves changing the look and feel of the application according to your corporate requirements.

In Tableau, Branding is available only at the Server level. Site level branding is not available.

Branding of Tableau Server

The following types of changes can be done to the Tableau Server

  • Change the Tableau server name that appears in the browser tab, tooltips, and messages.
  • Replace the Tableau logo
  • Manage the language used for the server UI (user interface) and the locale used for views.
  • Use custom fonts on Tableau Server and client computers that connect to Tableau Server.
  • Add images for Projects in thumbnail view.

Note : To perform some of these changes, you have to use Tableau’s command line utility – tabadmin

Types of Logo’s available on Tableau Server

On the Tableau Sever UI, different Tableau logos appear at different places,

Sign_in_logo. Appears when the sign-in window is displayed.

Header_logo. Appears in the upper left when the user is signed in and the main content page is displayed.

Smalllogo. Appears in the upper left when a view is being edited for web authoring.

All these logo’s can be changed to match your organizations logo.

For more details on this or Tableau Server, refer book Implementing Tableau Server.





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