Book – Tableau 10 for Beginners

Download Steps for – Sample Data and Workbooks  

  1. Download Tableau10-DataFiles and save them under the following path
          \Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources\10.1\en_US-US
      2. Download Preferences_Modified and save it under the following path
          \Documents\My Tableau Repository
         This file contains the code as mentioned in Chpater9-Formatting – Creating Custom palette.
     3. Download Tableau10-Workbooks and save them under the following path
        \Documents\My Tableau Repository\Workbooks
   Contact in case any issues.

Book – Tableau Dashboards: Step by Step guide to developing visualization in Tableau 9.2 

Download steps 
1. Install Tableau desktop by following
2. Download the following file and save it to the following location on your PC
(For Tableau 9.x)
 \Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources\9.2\en_US-US
(For Tableau 10.x)
 \Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources\10.0\en_US-US
3. Download the following file and save it to the following location on your PC
 \Documents\My Tableau Repository\Workbooks

4. Chapter 12 will require Tableau server install. You can download Tableau Server 2 weeks trial version.

Install Tableau Server 32-bit.

Contact in case any issues.


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3 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I can only use the chapter 3 dashboard; I get an error message that I can’t open the workbooks because they don’t exist in tableau public. I can’t publish these to tableau public either. Please help me use these files.

  2. I am using Tableau 10 for beginners Ver. 10.x
    Very good book in very simple language step by step instruction for each steps.
    Email access to technical support is very helpful and very quick.
    Enjoying learning Tableau so far.
    Ghan Patel

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