Important keywords in Tableau

Tableau is an awesome tool for creating visualizations. A developer will use Tableau desktop to create charts,tables and maps.

Before starting on Tableau development, it is good know the important keywords and concepts as used in Tableau.

 Important Keywords in Tableau

1. Data – When you launch Tableau desktop , the first thing you do, is to connect to data. Data refers to the data source to which you connect to get the data in dashboard. Tableau can connect to any type of data source. You can connect to more than one data source in one application. Datasource can be a relational table,excel file or a custom SQL. These data connections can be published to  the server. Published  data connections can be used by other developers


2. Live or Extract – You can connect to the data as Live or Extract. If connected live, any changes in the data will reflect in the dashboard. You are also dependent on the data source for the performance of the application. Alternatively,you can also connect to the extracted data. Data extract is created by creating a TDE file i.e. Tableau Data Extract. Performance of the application is faster when connected to a TDE file.

Live or Extract

3. Worksheet – In Tableau, individual Charts and Tables are created in a Worksheet.One Worksheet can have one type of visualization. Sheets appear at the bottom of the design environment. Similar to MS-excel, right click on the worksheet to rename,copy/paste,hide,duplicate,export and format. A sheet can be a dashboard or a story.


3. Dashboard –  Dashboard is a combination of one or more Worksheets. Worksheets in dashboards can have Actions associated to them. Worksheets in a dashboards are interactive.



4. Story – Story is a combination of one or more dashboards or Worksheets.



5. Twb –  Tableau desktop design file is called Twb i.e. Tableau Work Book. It has .twb extension. Tableau twb file is connected to the data and needs data connection

6. Twbx – Twbx is a packaged workbook. It is a zip file with visualizations and data enclosed. This file can be emailed to other users. Twbx can be viewed using Tableau desktop or Tableau reader

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