Implementing Tableau Server

An efficiently performing Server is a key for success in any visualization application.
This book acts as a step-by-step guide for implementing Tableau Server.
It provides A-Z details, from Installation, Managing Content, Security to Branding and much more.
It also gives you a good insight into command line utilities.
The book provides plenty of exercises which help in understanding and practicing the concepts. Each chapter is accompanied with step-by-step exercises.


Who needs this book? 
This book is for professionals who want to learn about implementing Tableau Server in a business environment. It is useful for Tableau Server administrators, Site Administrators, Developers and Analysts.

About this book
Chapter1. Overview 
This Chapter provides an overview of Tableau environment, Tableau desktop and Tableau Server.
Chapter2. Installing Tableau Server
This chapter will help you in installing the Tableau Server on a single machine and in a distributed environment.
Chapter3. Tableau Server Workspace
In this chapter learn all the aspects of Tableau Server User interface.
Chapter4. Security
This chapter deals with securing the Tableau server environment.
Chapter5. Managing Sites
This chapter provides details on how to create and maintain a Site in Tableau.
Chapter6. Branding
This chapter provides information on how to change the look and feel of the Tableau Server interface.
Chapter7. Performance and Monitoring
This chapter provides tips on how to improve performance and monitoring of the server.
Chapter8. Backup and Restore
This chapter provides details on taking server backup and restoring the server in case of system failure.
Chapter9. Log files
This chapter provides details on all the types of log files in Tableau.
Chapter10. Command Line Utilities
This chapter provides details on how to use command line utilities viz. tabcmd and tabadmin to manage the server.
Chapter11. Javascript API
This chapter provides details on how to use javascript API.
Chapter12. Managing Content
This chapter provides details on how to create users, Projects, and Groups. It also details on publishing and securing views. This chapter also provide an overview of web authoring in Tableau.
How to use this Book
This book gives all the concepts related to Tableau Server. To recreate scenarios presented in this book, use Tableau Server or Tableau Online. A two-week trial version of Tableau Server can be downloaded from
The book also makes use of Tableau desktop. Tableau desktop is used to publish data sources and views on the server. Download Tableau desktop from
To gain detailed understanding of designing visualization using Tableau desktop, visit for free online videos provided by Tableau. You can also refer my book Tableau 10 for Beginners, available on Amazon.

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