How Tableau connects to data

Tableau can connect to a variety of datasources in different ways.

Tableau provides native connections to multiple datasources.

Tableau can connect to the following datasources

tableaudatasources1. Tableau can connect to datasources directly by creating a connection.

2. Tableau can connect to datasources as Live or Extract


3. Extract is a data snapshot,  it creates a TDE(Tableau Data Extract) file. These extracts can be scheduled to get the updated data from the datasource.

4. Once connection is being made to the datasource, Tableau segregates the data fields into Dimensions and Measures.


5. Data transformation can be applied to these fields to implement business rules. These data transformations include  creating a hierarchy,  Splitting columns based on a delimiter ,creating calculations and so on.

6. DataSources can be saved or published to the server.


7. Datasources are saved as TDS files. Developers and power users can connect to these TDS files to create visualization and dashboards.

8. Developers and power users can also connect to datasources published on the server to create visualization and dashboards.



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