Chandraish Sinha is passionate about data and analytics.

He is the Author of Tableau 10 for Beginners , Tableau Dashboards and Tableau Questions & Answers.

In his 19 years of experience, he worked with different BI and reporting applications, such as,

Actuate, Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Tableau and QlikView.

He is fascinated by data. He believes that you are as good as your data. Data can drive you to success.


You can reach him at chandraish@gmail.com or connect on https://www.linkedin.com/in/chandraishsinha

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Books authored by Chandraish Sinha

  1. Tableau 10 for Beginners
  2. Tableau Dashboards
  3. Tableau Questions & Answers
  4. QlikView Essentials
  5. QlikView Questions and Answers
  6. How to be a Successful IT Professional in the USA


  1. http://www.learntableaupublic.com/
  2. http://www.LearnAllBi.com/